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George Elliott

Teacher, Director, & Owner


George returned to his home away from home, Los Angeles, in July 2020. For many years, he taught, acted, and directed in Los Angeles. George taught scene study, improvisation, and Meisner/Adler technique at Santa Monica's Voit by the Sea. He also taught at the Tracey Roberts Studio, and many other studios in and around the LA area. He is returning to Los Angeles after having spent a number of years in Portland, because, as he puts it, "I needed more action." Acting, along with theatre and film are his passion, and he was of the mind that he had given all he could to the city of Portland, where he left numerous friends. The thing that he will miss the most is his students.

 George brings a wealth of experience to share with his students, gleaned from a lifetime of professional performance on and off-screen, and from studying with two of the greatest acting teachers of the 20th century, Sanford Meisner and Stella Adler. George has acted and taught from New York to Los Angeles and beyond, and is able to provide his students with a holistic education in the craft and business of acting that they won’t find anywhere else. George has helped his students attain scholarships to colleges and universities all over the country, including Vassar, University of Seattle, Eastern Washington, Oberlin College, and University of Nevada Las Vegas, among others. George is passionate about helping performers reach their goals and enabling them to become knowledgeable accomplished actors ready to go out and land the roles in theatre, television, and film. He cares deeply about his students’ personal and professional development, and will go the extra mile to support them. George is now holding Zoom classes, due to COVID-19. We have clients from as far away as the UK, to Medford Oregon. George Elliott is also a talented playwright,  screenwriter, and director/producer.  ‘Lost in the Shadows,’ an intimate and emotional look at the rampant plague of human trafficking in Portland, will soon begin production of a movie adaptation.

George is excited to be back in LA, and is looking forward to new projects, and a new creative life.